Deltamax Automazione Srl

A Vision for the Future

> frog new versionFROG is the solution created by Deltamax Automazione to automatize the glass fragmentation control and to ensure to meet the tolerances set by any specific regulation.

The rational and user friendly interface is developed to ensure the easiness of doing particular tests with specifications. The various methods of use can satisfy all the different procedures defined by the customer

FROG recognizes, counts, analyzes and classifies the fragments of glass, storing the images and the results processed to produce customized reports or other data (eg photographic).


The main element of the FROG system is the inspection unit that is connected to the provided PC and to the electrical cabinet: the user can move the system to the desired position and select the  analysis function with the graphic user interface (PC all in one – touchscreen).


FROG uses for the comparison parameters defined by the sector regulations but it allows the user to personalize them in order to obtain a more stringent control.

The analysis is done in an area of ​​5cm x 5cm in function of 3 different ways:

  • Single shot: only one photo of the inspected glass;
  • Sample analysis: a series of consecutive images of the same sample;
  • Batch analysis: a set of photos of different samples of the same production batch.

The feedback is immediate and directly visible on the user interface. It shows the acquired image, the number of fragments detected as well as the compliance (or not) with the specifications set, the size (area) of the larger fragments  and the distribution of the fragments according to their size.

On the interface (bottom-right) there is a space reserved for system communications, which gives the operator a constant feedback about the status of the inspection or about any error’s  messages\problems found by the software developed.


At the end of the analysis process, the system will give a report with the results of the test, the image of the glass as acquired by the camera, the number of fragments founded, the size of the bigger fragments, the production and other measured information, etc.

The report can be customized with the logo or other information (operator name, ID of the oven, etc.).

Depending on the type of analysis, it is possible to have three different types of reports:

1)    Report for each measure

2)    Report for sample (with statistical information on all inspections)

3)    Report for production (with summary data for all glasses inspected)

Each report contains information about the type of inspection carried out and the summary of the data, the most significant in the case of multiple inspection and it can be released tot he  customers.


It is possible to store in the database the inspections results, the reports and the different sets of parameters (recipes) to customize the inspection.

The system is able to generate customizable statistics of inspections carried out on the single glass or on the production sample analyzed, using the data processed and stored.