Deltamax Automazione Srl

A Vision for the Future

GlassInspector OPT base is a modular system that could be installed before cutting table to find pre-market defects on glass plate and send their position to a third party software for cutting optimization.

The most interesting thing is that optimization will not cause rejection of cutted plate with defects but will optimize the whole process excluding the defects (and a very small area around each one) from the cutting program.

GlassInspector OPT is modular to fit Customer line : installation is fast and easy and usually doesn’t require any modification of the existing line. The system is composed by a bridge with which we can install the cameras above the line and the lighting unit under it : for this reason it is necessary to have a gap (3-5 cm) along all the line width. Usually the system is installed between loader\conveyor and cutting table.

We are going to complete the development of the advanced version of the system that will be able to find the defects on non washed plates even if the defects are not marked : please check the news on our website or write us at the address gianluca.diener AT for more information about.