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A Vision for the Future

Installazione su Lisec Commonly called scanner, GlassInspector is our  system of defect inspections for double glazing lines.

It is an essential tool that guarantee an objective glass control, that  shows the identification of defects such as: bubbles, creases, fingerprints, dust, black dots, etc.

The system is conceived to support lines of production, guaranteeing reliability and precision, but with a simple interface and an intuitive work environment.

GlassInspector easily adapts to the production line requiring limited maintenance, high flexibility, and reduced obstructs, the system is, in fact, completely  integrated in the line, avoiding any kind of obstacles to the normal production activities.

The system allows also the interface with the production, as well as the storage of the results that contribute to production  statistics and possible reports.


– Typical resolution: 0.25 mm

– Can interface with production management

– Suitable for clear glass, magnetron \ low emissivity, selective, reflective, pyrolytic, etc..

– Maximum height: modular system adaptable to any size

– Maximum speed: 40 m / min

– Rational and intuitive graphical interface: use of colors to identify defects and classify them by severity

– Customization parameters / statistics / report production

– Archive results


– Glass defects like bubbles, inclusions, etc

– Defects on coating like abrasion, scratch, lack, etc

– Defects produced by the process like scratches, brackages, etc