Deltamax Automazione Srl

A Vision for the Future

AST Terni

Deltamax , in twenty years of experience, has developed the most advanced optoelectronic technology for the inspection of:

– STEEL (cold rolled, pickled, hot dipped galvanized, electro-galvanized, stainless steel, magnetic, painted in tinplate);

– ALUMINIUM (cold rolled, coated, painted);

– COPPER, BRASS and other alloys.

Deltamax Automazione builds customized systems adapted to different types of defects to be identified, to the line speed, the size of the products. The skilled technicians Deltamax, analyzes with the client the objectives of the project, and then define the number and resolution of the cameras to be used, as well as the type and positioning of the lighting systems, carefully evaluating all the characteristics of the production line.


Off-line systems – laboratory

Systems Online – Web Surface Inspection