Deltamax Automazione Srl

A Vision for the Future

The strong partnership with Greifenberg add another machine to its history: a TG 860 .

New generation tower-yarder, mounted on a double-axle trailer with a cantilever system, approved for road use, with a very strong frame, a tower folding in two parts, plus an additional hydraulic outreach; the head is equipped with jib pulleys. The carrying roller is equipped with a hydraulic cable guide, whereas the pulling drum is equipped with a cross-screw automatic cable guide. The Linde hydraulic system is powered by a VM 6-cylinder diesel engine, electronically controlled. The control panel is a panel encoder screen from which the rollers and all the machine services can be operated, and allows settings all line parameters for self-holding operations. The pulling roller is equipped with radio controls which will also activate the traction cable ejection pulley. The machine is equipped with a mounting roller, in order to make the carrying cable lying easier.

For more information please refer to Greifenberg website


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