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A Vision for the Future

The strong and reliable partnership with Greifenberg add a new important machine to its history: a T3 860.
The TG 860 three-wheel tower-yarder is installed on a double-axle trailer with a cantilever system approved for road use. The fixed frame allows keeping the center of gravity of the machine low, making its displacement safer. The tower is made of two parts plus an additional outreach and the head is equipped with jib pulleys.
The great advantage of this machine is its ultimate robustness, which makes it extremely reliable. All components of this machine are oversized, thus ensuring less wear over time and longer life. Linde hydraulic system is operated through a VM 6-cylinder diesel engine. The electronic control allows the diesel engine, hydraulic system and electrical system self-monitoring. You can also select between three different types of diesel engine mapping, by choosing different options: gentle movements, limited consumption or aggressive movements to optimize performances. This machine allows setting the loading point, the unloading point and intermediate supports where the machine will autonomously slow down.

For more information please refer to Greifenberg website.

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