Deltamax Automazione Srl

A Vision for the Future

Q+ is a revolutionary scanner which sets a new standard in quality control processes on flat glass. Thanks to a new technology developed in the laboratory at the company’s headquarters in Trento, this flagship product in the range of control systems for flat glass aims to increase accuracy in the recognition of defects, in particular those on the glass surface. Technically, Q+ performs with a single unit the same control operations previously carried out by two separate systems, keeping however the same processing speed in order to meet the demand for increasingly shorter production cycle times. The modular design of the previous versions has been confirmed, allowing the adaptation of the system to different production lines and simplifying future upgrades as well as ease of installation, thanks to the physical separation from the production line. From the viewpoint of quality, Q+ is a solution destined to satisfy the most demanding customers, ensuring greater accuracy in the detection of defects such as scratches and marks, and even identifying defects such as the infamous halos, so frequent in glazings. The system interface remains intuitive and rational, thus combining technological complexity with an incredible ease of use and interpretation of results.
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