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La persona ricercata dovrà: • Eseguire il montaggio meccanico/elettronico di sistemi in sede • Eseguire il montaggio, la messa in opera ed il collaudo di sistemi presso il Cliente finale • fornire assistenza per identificare e risolvere eventuali problemi segnalati dai Clienti. Sono prerequisiti importanti: • Diploma di perito tecnico (preferibilmente meccanica / elettrotecnica e automazione / meccatronica) • Buone […]

The scanner is becoming a loyal ally of production and quality managers, combining quality control results that are objective and configurable for different quality levels with a reduction in the time necessary or controlling the glass panel. A detail of no small importance, given the significant increase in the average size of single glazings. The next step, in order to […]

Check the quality of their tempered glass in an easy and fast way, documentable with the automatic storage of images, elaborated data and all the other informations : these are the reasons why a big company like the mexican VITRO decided to adopt TemperCHECK !! Would you like more info ? Come to see the fragmentation analyser at Glasstec.

Q+ is a revolutionary scanner which sets a new standard in quality control processes on flat glass. Thanks to a new technology developed in the laboratory at the company’s headquarters in Trento, this flagship product in the range of control systems for flat glass aims to increase accuracy in the recognition of defects, in particular those on the glass surface. […]

Another one scanner on IG line : this is the time of Neovetro, a company located in Basilicata, infront of the beautiful Jonio sea. This time we enjoy more than usual the installation Even if you are not located infront of the sea, call us to have information and prices of our solutions for glass quality control.

Ensure to their Customer an higher quality level : this was the aim of Vetreria Calasso, and this is the reason why they decide to install a GlassInspector scanner on their IG line. Another satisfied Customer, another demonstration of the reliability of Deltamax Automazione most popular product. What are you waiting for ???

The japanese company Ikeda installed a GlassInspector scanner on its Bystronic IG line to step up its quality control. The customizability of our solutions is a must to satisfy every Customer, and Ikeda can confirm that.

The mexican company TECESA installed TemperCHECK to verify in real time the compliance of their glass with the rules of the Countries where they are exporting the products done in the Irapuato plant. The storage of data and information will give them an archive to prove the frequency of che controls done and the quality of the glass produced.

First installation for Deltamax Automazione in Spain : Cristaleria Ramos y Ramos decide to install a GlassInspector scanner for their ForEl line. Another Customer that chosen italian solutions to obtain the best for their Customers.

The italian company Vetrodomus, located in Brescia, chosen italian solutions for his new production line : to obtain the best quality without reducing the production cycle, along with a new jumbo ForEl line they decided to install the latest version of our GlassInspector scanner. The best Customers choose Deltamax Automazione for their line : what are you waiting for ?