Deltamax Automazione Srl

A Vision for the Future


Deltamax Automazione brings together almost thirty years of expertises in the areas of industrial automation and machine vision.

The company mission is to guide its customers in the use of innovative technologies in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency of production processes.

Deltamax Automazione designs and manufactures solutions to allow their Customers to improve performance and safety of the whole production process. A huge know how permit us to be a strong partner to achieve Industry 4.0 goals, ensuring a strong control of each process, on time maintenance, reduction of waste for a faster return of investment and Customer satisfaction.


2017      Deltamax becomes part of Delta Informatica Group

Delta Informatica decide to invest to ensure a faster growth of the company, that is increasing the business worldwide. The relationship with all the companies of the group will permit to Deltamax Automazione to acquire new skills and start new collaborations to improve the quality of its solutions.

2010      Deltamax Automation was born

After a long and fruitfully collaboration, Delta Automazione and Virmax decided to become a unique company to improve the use of their knowledge by offering complete and transversal solutions. Deltamax Automazione was born.

2003      SIPAR becomes VIRMAX

Due to a change in the company ownership, its name becomes VIRMAX. The new management decide to invest to develop solutions for small and medium companies, taking advantages from the costs reduction caused by the appearance on the market of the digital cameras.

1989      Delta Automazione and SIPAR start their business

The willingness of the founders of Delta Automazione were to unite expertise gained in the IT and industrial systems, to achieve innovative systems to support the improvement of production processes. With the same aim and in the same year SIPAR, a spin off of the Trento University, started to work to develop solution for industry using cameras.