Deltamax Automazione Srl

A Vision for the Future

The scanner is becoming a loyal ally of production and quality managers, combining quality control results that are objective and configurable for different quality levels with a reduction in the time necessary or controlling the glass panel. A detail of no small importance, given the significant increase in the average size of single glazings. The next step, in order to further optimise process times without sacrificing quality, is the support to the operator in identifying the defects detected by the scanner. Taking into account the configuration of modern production lines and the user’s needs, by partnering with GlassUp, an Italian start-up specializing in augmented reality, Deltamax studied an innovative solution, called Follow Me (patent pending), complementing the work of their scanners. By connecting with the F4 goggles, the scanner can now guide the operator exactly to the defect on the glass, with simple, intuitive controls: what better ally to ensure productivity and safety? Let’s not forget that the F4 goggles are certified as personal protective equipment, ensuring the strictest compliance with the current standards, and guaranteeing maximum freedom of action to the operator.

Follow Me