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A Vision for the Future

IlluminatoreRISOLVI, co-funded by the Trento Province, took place between 2011 and 2015 and was an innovation driven project focused on the research and development of vision solutions for industrial applications. The project, under the coordination of Deltamax, has been carried out with the collaboration of the Technologies of Vision (TeV) group from the Fondazione Bruno Kessler (Fbk) research centre.
The project brought to the design and implementation of prototypes in the field of visual inspection in the glass industry that, thanks to their success and reliability, are currently integrated in our solutions or available as standalone products.
Out of the many achievements of the project, the most valuable that require to be mentioned are:

• The development of a fragments counter solution – the FROG (Fragment Recognizer on Glass) – that is unique among vision inspection systems. In fact, differently from the competitors, it is not based on backlight illumination. This peculiarity, apart from making the overall system more compact, makes it capable of analysing printed glasses which otherwise would result in a completely black image (due to the low level of transparency of the glass).
• The definition and implementation of a set of new geometric functionalities for the GlassInspector, such as: quality check of silk printed glasses (both with respect to a given model or through an auto learning process) and geometric dimensions validation for specially shaped glasses.
• The improvement of pre-existing functionalities in terms of detection accuracies with the introduction of:

– a new lamp (produced in-house) with better performing light sources and a dedicated electronic controller and
– a new set of image processing algorithms specifically designed for the detection of the defects (e.g. the line gauss).

Lastly – and this is probably the most significant outcome of the project and a strong innovation factor – it was designed and implemented a new software architecture: the DVS (Deltamax Vision System). This new architecture is currently the basis of all of our solutions and provides high levels of flexibility, expandability and ease in configuration: new software solutions are deployed faster and the tuning of each installation is made easier through the use of a set of editable parameters.

As an overall result, we improved our know-how through the collaboration with TeV and increased the number of ready-to-sell solutions in our portfolio, granting us more competitiveness among the companies in this field.

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