Deltamax Automazione Srl

A Vision for the Future

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The high speed of modern production processes implies the need to get immediate feedback from the production lines , allowing an immediate understanding of the situation, using synoptic charts and alarms , to make necessary repairs and maintenance.

 The supervisory DELTAMAX AUTOMATION , that process data from programmable logic or directly from field sensors , are used in all areas that require constant monitoring of activities.

Deltamax Automazione  is a solution provider for software Intouch of Wonderware, successfully used in several fields of application due to its flexibility and ease of interfacing .
From casting machines to the test bench , the sectors of food and wine to the management of road tunnels , the modular and scalable system Intouch of Wonderware provides a stable platform with which to manage and monitor processes , providing real-time messages, graphical summaries , running alarms for operators or service centers 365 days a year , 24 hours 24 .
Deltamax Automazione has experience in developing custom applications with control panels on the machine, HMI – SCADA systems , using reliable products, as WinCCflexible of SIEMENS or SuperFlash of AUTOMA .