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Deltamax Automazione is glad to present a very interesting news that will change the way to process glass : OPT.
OPT, Optimizer, detects defects like bubbles and inclusions on UNWASHED jumbo plates, doesn’t matter if it is laminated or monolithic glass.
OPT can distinguish between internal defects and defects on the surface, ensuring fast and certain result.
The defects map as elaborated by the software (it is possible to set the minimum dimension of the defects) will be sent to the cutting table with different level of managing:
– rejection of plate with defects just after the cutting
– manual optimization of the cutting – operator can move the plates according with the position of the detected defects
– automatic optimization of the controlled plate
– automatic optimization of the whole cutting plan
It is simple to understand the plus of this innovative solution :
– reduction of the rejected surface (optimizing with 10cm around each defect)
– reduction of machines wear (will not process glass that will be rejected)
– energy saving (previous point)
– reduction of the cycle time, thanks to the reduction of the waste management actions
Would you like to know more about OPT and all the other Deltamax solution for glass quality control ? Feel free to contact us for a DEMO !

How OPT works

IMG_20190808_151931 (FILEminimizer)

Defects on cutting plan
Def con difetti

Optimization made by Optima software
Def ottimizzata

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